SUICOKE: A Brief History

As a brand with product development dating as far back as 2011, our history is an often-overlooked aspect of the SUICOKE label.
But as we all know; you can't move forward without occasionally looking back too.
So read on to discover our heritage, brand beginnings and early product...

matryoshka lamp, 2012

matryoshka era

Today, SUICOKE is recognised as a leading innovator of modern footwear, producing a range of styles and being considered a label synonymous with the functional sandal and slides movement.

But the brand beginnings lie in homewares-production, with a modest range of products focused on matryoshka dolls - a far cry from what our product has grown into in the several years since.

Graphically focused, with a diverse range of functionality from key-rings to lamps, SUICOKE entered the Japan market producing footwear alongside originally-designed, Russian-made matryoshka dolls.

These handmade dolls and their subversive designs introduced audiences in Japan to the SUICOKE brand.

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Finding Our Feet

Lightweight. Comfortable. Functional.

Our footwear ten years ago retained the same approach and end goal as our footwear today. Developed using a less textured form of our now-synonymous EVA footbed and outsole, the sandals were bold, playful and versatile.

Canvas cotton straps and metal buckles were used in place of the nylon and plastic we use today, whilst the brand logotype was still in its prototype phase.

Whilst high-quality sandals and slides are a widespread part of the footwear industry today, ten years ago they were far less represented and experimented with. These early developments into the Summer styles helped form the basis of what a premium sandal can and should look like and offer its wearers.

suicoke spring/summer 2013
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Vibram partnership begins

Throughout our history, technical innovation and exploration has remained a constant in our design ethos.

Vibram too, share this passion for technical innovation and producing long-lasting, highly-wearable and functional footwear solutions. It was through these practices that the Vibram x SUICOKE relationship first came about.

After a year of research and development, we set an industry first in 2014, when we released our exclusive footbed and outsole with Vibram - the Italy-based technological and footwear innovators that are now recognised as a driving force in the modern industry.

Textured, hard-wearing and - most of all - comfortable, the outsole became the new standard for sandals and Summer footwear across the board - and redefining the expectations of warm-weather footwear.

Since 2014, we have continued to work with Vibram, expanding the output of our partnership to include exclusive styles alongside a range of Vibram-dedicated items. To learn more about our shared technology, please visit our 'Vibram Technology' page.

SUICOKE x Vibram footbed, as produced today
2013 - today

Collaboration elevation

Developing relationships and product via collaborative projects with likeminded partners enabled us to expand the SUICOKE brand and product to a wide range of audiences worldwide.

As early as 2013, we worked on projects with partners ranging from Japanese stores and labels such as BEAMS and Rehacer.

As time went on, we developed our collaborative scope to work with US-based labels such as Stüssy & Aime Leon Dore, alongside other international labels including Norse Projects, Palm Angels, and Marsell - amongst many, many more high profile and innovative collaborative projects.

In recent years, partnerships with luxury brands such as Moncler, Lanvin and Blumarine have elevated our sandal and slide styles into new territories and perceptions - proving that even after ten years of collaboration, boundaries and perceptions of our product range continue to be pushed with each project.

To see more of our past collaborations, visit the JOURNAL page.

SUICOKE x Norse Projects, 2014
collaboration highlights: 2016


collaboration highlights: 2017


collaboration highlights: 2018

Aime Leon Dore

collaboration highlights: 2019


collaboration highlights: 2020

Cecilie Bahnsen

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